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View 7

The best-performing core-alignmnet fusion splicer VIEW 7 is the most powerful and innovative fusion splicer in the market with the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate. View 7’ is equipped with user-friendly GUI on a high-resolution color LCD allowing first time splicer users to easily connect the optical fiber. By double-tapping the screen, all users can see and zoom the optical fiber up to 520 times.

View 7

  • Result Storage
    Max. 10,000 splice results (excel + image)
  • Terminal
    USB 2.0 /MINI USB
  • Compatible Fiber /
    0.25~3.0mm/Indoor Cable(with VFH-40)
  • Cleaved Length
    Diameter:0.125~1mm/Cleave Length:8~16mm
  • Cladding Diameter
  • Splicing Mode
    MAX128 modes
  • Heating Mode
    MAX32 modes
  • Typical Splice Loss
    SM: 0.02dB / MM: 0.01dB / DS: 0.04dB /
    NZDS: 0.04dB / G.657: 0.02dB(ITU-T Standard)
  • Return Loss
  • Estimated Splice Loss


    Available upon request.