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Giới thiệu

Giới thiệu COMTEC

“In the severe competition  context of economy market,  COMTEC has been developed to  be the leading by market itself”


    To whom it may concern,

COMTEC company was simply built by a very noncomplex solution: to meet the requirement from customers by knowing their request on product and expense, then to propose the most suitable business plan  which shall bring the  best result in terms of function, quality and price.

Today, COMEC is one of the leading companies in the field of information and communication technology. After 20 years of development, COMTEC® has been developing a nationwide customer network and continuously gaining trust from customers by the undeniable quality of equipment, professional technical support and sincere after-sale service.  

A long with expending customer network, completing customer service, COMTEC is now the official representative for many world's leading brand for products of measure, testing, high precision and automatic devices.   With endless support of finance, academic technical training from manufacturers, COMTEC has been empowered in capability and qualification to contribute to the state’s application of modern science technology.

Key target: provide high-resolution, high durability, dynamic up-grade ability equipment to catch up with the light speed development of technology with lowest price. That is our company’s true value and the key target through years of development.

COMTEC commit to give our best support to gain the out-of-expectation result for our customers.




Headquarters:         No. 9, Ngo 91/45, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, VietNam

                                    Tel: 0084 2437734926/2437734927

                                    Fax: 0084 2437734930

Email: info@comtec.com.vn


Director                     Mr Vu Thai Hai

Vice Director            Ms Pham Thi Phuong (Fiona) – Project Management

                                    Mr Cao Ba Duy  - Technical Management

Employees                25 employees

Capital source VND (Six billion VND)

Year of establishment: 1998


• Trading materials, consumables (mainly machinery, electrical equipment, electronics);

• Providing electrical, electronic, telecommunication and information technology equipment;

• Scientific and technical services in the field of electricity, electronics, information;

• Installation of lightning arrests, physical and mechanical measuring devices;

• Warranty and maintenance services for the products sold by the company;

• Sales, installation, maintenance, warranty of security equipment, safety equipment (fire alarm equipment, smoke detectors), medical equipment, environmental equipment, automation equipment educated;

• Transfer of technology in the field of biotechnology (for agriculture and health, environment and education);

• Purchase mechanical equipment and mechanical measurement and industrial production line