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  • COMTEC company was simply built by a very noncomplex solution: to meet the needs of the customer by knowing their request on product and expense to propose the most suitable way of doing business which brings best result in terms of function, quality and price.
  • Today, COMEC is one of the leading companies in the field of information and communication technology. After 20 years of development, COMTEC® has been developing a nationwide customer network and continuously gaining trust from customers by the undeniable quality of equipment, professional technical support and sincere after-sale service.  
  • A long with expending customer network, completing customer service, COMTEC is now the official representative for many world’s leading brand for products of measure, testing, high precision and automatic devices.  With endless support of finance, academic technical training from manufacturers, COMTEC has been empowered in capability and qualification to contribute to the state’s application of modern science technology.
  • Key target: provide high-resolution, high durability, dynamic up-grade ability equipment to catch up with the light speed development of technology with lowest price. That is our company’s true value and the key target through years of development.

Global Business

Not only domestic business, our customers are also available in many other countries around the world such as: Haiti, Mozambique, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Peru….

Go Very Fast

We are a leader in providing high-tech equipment in telecommunications, in response to the growth of our customers.

Team Of Strategists

Prestige is first

We always satisfy you with experienced leaders and staff who have high level.



  • A reliable bridge between manufacturer and user.
  • Providing the best products with the most reasonable price.
  • Building a company is a strong brand in high-tech equipment business.
  • The success of the business is your satisfaction
  • Dynamic and professional working environment.
Professional and High technical staff.
Thousands of projects provide telecommunications equipment, technological equipment, tools and measuring machines
Established since 1998 from a division of Telnin

How We Work

Organizational Management

Experienced and professional management.

Focus Energy and Resources

People are our precious resources.

Developing Critical Elements

Human are our precious resources.

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