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The AQ1200 Multi Field Tester OTDR is a compact and lightweight handheld OTDR optimized for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables. Designed with ease of use in mind to simplify field testing, improve work efficiency and ensure qualify results. Seven models are offered, each with unique wavelength(s) based on their specific application.




Product Lineup





















PON Measurement Capability


In Passive Optical Network (PON) System used in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) it is important to quickly and correctly find a fault in the drop cable that is installed after the splitter. The AQ1200 MFTOTDR's PON measurement mode (*) is a mode optimized for the measurement of PON with a high-port-count optical splitter and can ensure a quality waveform even if there is a big loss of optical splitter in the line. With a short dead zone, the AQ1200 can distinguish connectors placed as closely as 0.75 m in FTTx, home or office networks.






















Fault locator

Find a fiber break point easily and rapidly

Pressing one button initiates a measurement and event search and then clearly indicates the location of a fiber break.

Waveform analysis can be done by simply switching over to OTDR function.















Light Source & Optical Powermeter


Manual Loss test using light source & optical powermeter *1,*2


After adjusting the optical output power (P1) at the end of launch fiber, measure the output power of fiber under test (P2).




High power measurement *2


Allow to measure the high power output of optical amplifier, which is used for video services, such as CATV, and long distance transmission.


*1 : /SLT option is required to use this function. *2 : /HLT option is required to use this function.














Auto Loss Test*


Loss measurement with LS & OPM interlock


AQ1200's light source can transmit wavelength information, so that AQ1200's optical powermeter can make measurements at a right wavelength at the other end. Moreover, the AQ1200A's light source and optical powermeter can switch between two wavelengths (1310 and 1550 nm) automatically; therefore, the optical powermeter can make measurements at right wavelengths, changing the wavelength along with the light source.

Measurement result storage and report output


Measurement results can be saved in the internal storage or external USB storage media, and the measurement report can be generated in CSV format.


* : /SLT or /HLT option is required to use this function.


Multicore Loss Test*


Work as Master & Slave using the


communication fiber


The master unit can share the project information such as the core number table and measurement conditions with the slave unit by sending them through the communication fiber in the cable under test.


* : /SLT or /HLT option is required to use this function.










PON Optical Powermeter*


Simultaneous 1490 & 1550 nm measurement


The PON power meter can measure the optical power both at 1490 nm and at 1550 nm simultaneously by separating those wavelengths.


Suitable tool for measuring the optical power of OLT and V-OLT.


* : /PPM option is required to use this function.














Trace Analysis Functions




































Visible Light Source*


Visual fault location and Fiber identification


The visible light source enables to identify a single core out of multicore fiber and find a break point in a launch area visually.


This feature works even when OTDR is in use, so that you can search for a next fiber to test, while OTDR is measuring one fiber.


* : /VLS option is required to use this function.













Multi Fiber Measurement Function


The Multi fiber measurement function automatically performs measurements and data-filing according to a pre-established file name table. At worksite, you can execute it by simply selecting a fiber number in the table. The saved waveform can be easily shown in the preview window by selecting the core number in the table. The OTDR Project File Editor included in AQ7932 Emulation Software greatly saves time to create file name table.













Macro Bending Function (not available for the AQ1200B,AQ1200C)


If there is a bend in the optical fiber, the long wavelength loss is higher at the location of the bend.


This function uses this characteristic to locate macro bends by measuring the same line at multiple wavelengths.












Remote Control Software


Remote Control using the same GUI


The AQ1200 can be remotely controlled from a personal computer (PC) through Ethernet* or USB interface.


The remote control software displays a front panel image of AQ1200 on PC, so you can control the AQ1200 with mouse in the same manner as operating the actual instrument.


* : /LAN option is required to use this function.


Video Fiber Inspection Probe


Fiber end inspection


With a video fiber inspection prove connected to USB interface, the AQ1200 can show an image of the fiber end on the screen to visually inspect scratches and dirtiness. The video image can be saved in the internal memory or external USB storage media.


* : Recommended probe: CI1100BYOK (Lightel)












IP Test*




For testing network connections by sending PING through the optional LAN interface, no need to bring a PC.


Variable frame length and transmission intervals


* : /LAN option is required to use this function.















Automatic Detection and Characterization o of Events


Event Mapper Function


The Event Mapper is a new function which automatically detects and characterizes events in the fiber under test. In a few seconds, events are displayed on the screen as easily recognizable icons together with their data. The position in the fiber of the detected event is clearly shown in the upper part of the display.



























 Data Analysis and Report Creation Tool


AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software (Sold Separately)


The AQ7932 is an application software that performs analysis of trace data measured by the AQ1200 MFT-OTDR and creates reports on a PC. The report creation wizard function makes this task simple. AQ1200 MFT-OTDR data can be easily loaded onto a PC using USB memory or storage function.


(The AQ1200 MFT-OTDR is supported from software version 4.1.Please make sure of the version information before use.)




Trace Analysis


You can edit event search conditions, approximate curve line secngs, and other analysis conditions, and repeat the analysis. Operation is also easy. Simply click the function icon.


Variety of Analysis Functions


Display up to eight traces on screen, and perform a variety of analyses including multitrace analysis and differential trace analysis for comparing recent waveforms with old ones, and use the 2 way trace analysis function for analyzing average values of data measured from both ends of optical fiber.


Creating Reports


You can compile traces and measured values of trace files and creates a report.


Reports can be created easily by just following the step-by-step instructions in the report wizard and saved in Excel or CSV format.

















Data format: .SOR (Bellcore), .SOR (Telcordia [AQ1200/AQ7275/AQ7270/AQ7260]), TRD(AQ7260), .TRB(AQ7250), .BMP(BMP), .CSV (Data CSV), .CSV (Event List CSV)


Report output: CSV file, XLS file, and print out


PC requirements (Software and Hardware)




OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista*, Windows 7


Excel: Microsoft Excel 2000 or later (when the XLS file output function is used)




Clock speed: Environment in which the OS operates smoothly.


HD capacity: 20 MB or more space required at the time of installation


Memory capacity: 128 MB or more (256 MB or more recommended)


Display: Resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels or better


Disc drive: CD-ROM drive




Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. The TM and ® symbols are not used to indicate registered trademarks and trademarks in this document.


(*) Microsoft Windows Vista is to be supported in Ver3.03 and later.










Name: AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software (Learn More)


Description: The AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software is a powerful tool for analyzing, reporting, and printing OTDR test data, With the AQ7932 software, you can perform analysis on your PC.




Name: USB


Description: The USB Driver is needed when required by the software.








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